The Team

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Kim - Founder

I first discovered yoga whilst working in New York after having some mild panic attacks with the hectic and fast moving pace of life. I found it surprisingly calming and whilst I’m no yogi I have continued to enjoy it when I can find the time to attend. As a professional woman with a busy career I lately found myself needing some occasional time to recharge my batteries and clear my mind. With limited time for myself it was and is important to me that I can find a space that is non-corporate and makes me feel comfortable either on my own or in the presence of others. Me TiMe Retreats is the place I wanted to go to, with the people I wanted to be with.  Me TiMe is when I can happily say goodbye to Phil and Mabel for a couple of days knowing that when I return I’m ready to face whatever is ahead.

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Mallika - Yoga Instructor

Mallika has been practicing yoga in different forms since 2001. She graduated as a Yoga Teacher at the International Yoga Center in Japan, and as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist at the Vivekananda School of Yoga in India. She was Head Yoga Teacher at Lohas  International, Japan for four and a half years, until she moved to the UK in 2009. She teaches open group and one to one classes at her private shala in Surrey. Classes are fun, friendly, relaxed and accessible to all ages and abilities. Mallika enjoys helping students cultivate awareness of the body and mind and has a strong focus on alignment and breathing. She is also certified as a Reiki master. In her spare time Mallika and her husband are kept busy with their 3 waggy tailed friends, Shanti, Rohan and Yogi.

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Phillipa- Wellbeing Coach

As a Self-Discovery, Empowerment Coach & Change Agent, Phillipa is highly skilled at supporting individuals and organisations to become their best selves.  Prior to setting up her own Coaching business, Phillipa gained 20 years’ experience managing  expansion projects for large blue chip companies. She then took 6 months out of the rat race to support various humanitarian projects around the world. As a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she also helps clients work with challenges ranging from increasing motivation, reducing stress and anxiety to eliminating fears and phobias.


Claire - Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey started while working in a highly stressful and corporate role as a Fashion Designer. Wanting to introduce a calming factor to my daily life, I went along to my first yoga class and instantly fell in love with the grounding effect yoga had on me. After a few years of going to regular classes 3-4 times a week I decided I wanted to learn more, so I enrolled myself onto a local Yoga Teacher Training course. I enjoyed learning more about the history, philosophy and spiritual side of yoga and started introducing this into my daily life. Towards the end of my yoga teacher training course I was made redundant so yoga became more than just a hobby. I teach the style of yoga that I love, a variety of flowing classes based in the heart of Vinyasa.

The Food

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A variety of food is included on the retreat catering for different dietary requirements. Food is wholesome, delicious and you will not be left hungry. Snacks, cake and fruit is available throughout and wine is included with dinner.