Yoga Experience

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Me TiMe Retreats are suitable for all levels and abilities. You can do as much or little as you want.

What to Bring

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Comfortable clothing to practice yoga in.

Blanket for yoga session (to wrap up in when you gently drift off in relaxation).

Water bottle for yoga.

Swim suit.

Walking boots, woolly hat and gloves for walking.

Books/Magazines to chill with.

Wine if you fancy a sneaky extra that we will happily keep chilled for you.


What to Expect

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A warm, relaxed, friendly environment that you will begin to unwind in the moment you arrive.

Bathrobes, slippers and luxury toiletries for use during your stay.

A retreat suitable for single travellers and small groups where we share our meal times as a group.

Freshly cooked, tasty food where you won't be left hungry with the option of some wine with dinner (included).

A group of people that have decided on the importance of their Me TiMe.


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Before the retreat you will be asked to complete a booking form and return it with the deposit.

Approximately 6 weeks before the retreat you will be sent a reminder for the outstanding payment. 

Prior to completing a yoga class you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire.

The retreat starts at 1700 and ends at 1030 however just let us know if you need to tweak your timing.

Dietary requirements can be accommodated and details should be provided as part of the booking form.

For Yoga Teachers & Wellbeing Coaches

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Me TiMe is growing. We continue our  search for suitable locations and are always looking for recommendations. If you would like to recommend a venue or are interested in hosting an event please contact Me TiMe to discuss further.